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Better conversations. Better outcomes. | Presented by BMO Global Asset Management

Jan 2, 2019

An art museum – just like a financial advisory practice – is a place where perspective, technique and creativity are respected. And this year, we had many guests on our show that brought new perspectives and creative ideas for growing your business.

To recap our 2018 episodes, Emily and Ben guide us through the three different galleries that each showcase ideas that can help you propel your practice and provide better outcomes to clients in the new year.

A special thank you to all of the guests that joined us on the show this year: Mike Barry, Marc Van Bell, Lorianne Pannozzo, David Corris, Christopher Jenks, Rick Unser, Dr. Amy D'Aprix, Ben Apfel, Eric Roberge, Shannon Lee Simmons, Brenda Campbell, Jim Fisher, Linda Shick, Hyman Darling, J.D. Carlson, Melaina Vinski, Irina Pacheco, Michael Swope, Christopher Kunkle, Erik Rubingh, Daniela Mardarovici, Adam Phillips, Janelle Woodward, Sarano Kelley, Brian Doherty, Colleen Stanley, Peter Stahl, Kevin Bourke, Jon Adams, Susanna Poon and Kathleen Burns Kingsbury. Your insights and knowledge helped financial advisors across North America and beyond have better conversations and provide better outcomes. Thank you.

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